What Company is the Best Place to Buy a SSL Certificate?

What Company is the Best Place to Buy a SSL Certificate?

If you are trying to embark on a Magento ecommerce project and your target demographic is the security aware business consumers, then you may be wondering what would be the best company to buy the SSL certificate from. Remember that the extended validation SSL should have a green bar, as this is required for the website of such project.

There have been so many answers to the question regarding the best place to buy SSL. There are also those that will say that you must not spend more than a certain amount on a certificate and others will recommend getting a green bar which is absolutely worth it.

All about the Green Bar

One of the most common issues with Extended Validation certificates or those with a green bar is that the browser will often end up checking the certificate status through OCSP or CRL which could add an additional .50 up to 10 seconds right before the page will come up. It can even be longer if the CA servers are not available or that the connection is timed out. Thus, if you ever choose to go for the EV certificate, make sure that you choose the one which has the most excellent listed uptime on the OCSP or CRL servers.

With this, it is safe to conclude that you should never spend more than ten dollars on a certificate and you might as well just make use of the standard or common bundled CA certificate. It is known to have faster page loads.

EV Certificates from GoDaddy

The best answer to the question on what is the best place to buy the SSL Certificates is GoDaddy, more so if you are planning to invest on the EV Certificates or Extended Validation Certificates. The Premium Extended Validation Certificate of GoDaddy is the type of certificate that will require the most extensive vetting process as compared to other types of SSL Certificates. They also offer the highest level of assurance on the safety and security of your customers through a process that has been standardized to be used for all certification authorities.

How the EV Certificates Work

Here is how the EV Certificates from GoDaddy work:

  • It works by validating the existence of a company as well as identity and legitimacy by means of a rigorous authentication procedure.
  • The verification process will include physical, legal, as well as the operational aspects of the company.
  • It also validates the information about the company to make sure that it matches with the official records.
  • It also ensures that the company will have exclusive rights to make use of such domain.

The Extended SSL Certificates that GoDaddy is offering are only available for companies that are legally registered and verified and has a status of “Active” and “Good Standing”. Furthermore, it is only available for businesses that are based in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The browsers with EV certificate will display the name of the organization as well as the name of the certification authority.



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