How to Install a GoDaddy SSL Certificate on a Drupal Site

Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate Drupal

Making your Drupal site secured will be possible with the help of SSL Certificates. When you install GoDaddy SSL Certificate Drupal, you are increasing the security of your site. Hence, you will be able to increase your user’s confidence in using your website while protecting your data and sessions. Because of this, it is ideal to install a SSL Certificate to your Drupal site. Doing so is not really that hard.

Having an SSL Certificate is quite worth the shot so try installing your site with certificate now.

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How to Install a GoDaddy SSL Certificate on a Drupal Site

If you want to know how you can install your GoDaddy SSL Certificate on your Drupal site, follow the guidelines below. Make sure that you have already uploaded the GoDaddy SSL Certificate files on your server:

  • Creating the .htaccess to configure the SSL Certificate.

First, log in to your web hosting account. Then, choose the Drupal website account that you want to install the SSL Certificate on. Then, click on the ‘File Manager’ link, and, when you are prompted to do so, enable the ‘Web Root’. After that, hit on ‘Open’ or ‘Go’ to open a new window.

Click on the ‘New File’ link or ‘Add File’ link on the ‘File Manager’ toolbar. To create a new .htaccess file, put ‘.htaccess’ in the ‘New File Name’ field provided. Hit on ‘Create’. You may also see the ‘Create New File’ button, which is also the same as ‘New’; just click it.

You will see the new ‘htaccess file on the web server, which means that it has been successfully created. Now, browse the new .htaccess file and open it. Put the code below on the file:

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

Make sure that you replace ‘’ with the real domain name that you want to install the certificate on. Click on ‘Save’ to save the edited .htacess file.

  • Activating the GoDaddy SSL Certificate on your Drupal site.

Now, to activate the certificate, log out of your web hosting control panel and go to your website’s Drupal administrator section and log in using your username and password. Then, on your administrator toolbar, click ‘Site’. After that, click on ‘Global Configuration’. Look for the ‘Global Configuration’ page and click ‘system’. And then, click ‘Yes’ to enable the ‘Use Apache mod_rewrite’ option. Click on ‘Save’; you will see that at the top of the window. That should activate your GoDaddy SSL Certificate.

To check if the setup was successful, visit the Drupal website that you have just installed your certificate on. It should be accessible via HTTPS. This is due to the .htaccess that you have created and edited.

Make it a point to save your website files first before even starting the upload process of your SSL Certificate. Keep your certificate files in a safe place that you can also easily access to make things easier for you. This will allow you to keep your files private and secured while being able to access it when you need to.

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