How to Know What Type of SSL Certificate to Get For Your Site?

How to Know What Type of SSL Certificate to Get For Your Site?

How to know what type of SSL Certificate to get for your site? This is a common question among website owners who are new to the SSL Certificate world. Well, since there are different types of certificates that are available for different markets, knowing the exact type of SSL Certificate for your website may be confusing. But, it is not really hard to do. There are even services that help clients choose the right SSL Certificate for their needs. GoDaddy is one of the companies that offer reliable and commendable services that can help you choose the right certificate for your website and applications.

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Choosing the Right SSL Certificate for Your Needs

If you want to know the basics of SSL Certificate types, you can also visit Symantec and GoDaddy. These well-established certificate authorities will be able to provide you with information and advice of which certificate type you should order from them. Pair that up with good deals and you can safely assume that purchasing from these companies will make things a lot easier for you.

Listed below are the common types of SSL Certificates. This list will help you choose and know what type of SSL Certificate you should get for your website:

  • Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

The first and most common type of SSL Certificate that you will likely encounter is the Domain Validation or DV SSL Certificate. This type of certificate is often used on small ecommerce websites, blogs and websites where login pages and payment gateways are present.

This type of certificate protects the website and the users from data transfer interception, which makes providing and transacting on SSL protected websites safer. It does not require a lot of prerequisites but may take a few hours for the certificate to be released since the ownership of the applicant on the domain should be checked and validated first.

  • Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Organization Validation SSL Certificates, on the other hand, are a more advanced certificate because the certificate authority does some vetting on the organization that requested for the certificate. This means that the organization represented in the website will be inspected to ensure that the right organization is the owner of the domain name.

Once the certificate is approved, released and installed, a Secure Site Seal is being displayed on the website, which shows that the website is truly under the organization claiming it.

  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

The highest level of SSL Certificate protection that you can purchase is the Extended Validation SSL Certificate. The certificate authority does a long and thorough vetting on the organization that requested the certificate.

The assessment will take a long process since the physical existence of the organization is being inspected. Also, all legal records regarding the property should also be presented to guarantee that the organization claiming the ownership of the domain is truly legitimate. Even government organizations undergo assessment before they can request for an EV certificate.

When purchasing a certificate for your website, it will be useful to determine what type of certificate you can have first. This will the process easier and quicker on your part. Contact GoDaddy or Symantec if you are still not certain on which SSL Cert type you need.

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