Symantec SSL Certificate Review

Symantec SSL Certificate Review

Symantec SSL Certificates are great certificates that offer excellent protection to websites. Because of the various features that Symantec SSL Certificates have, many website owners are opting for these SSL Certificates. Even big companies are using Symantec SSL Certificates on their business websites.

But aside from the great features of Symantec, there are still disadvantages in using the provider’s services. If you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using Symantec SSL Certificates, read this Symantec SSL certificate review. Listed are the advantages and disadvantages of Symantec SSL Certificates.

Symantec SSL Certificate Advantages

  • High Encryption

Symantec SSL Certificates have high encryption which is great for website protection.

  • Quick Support

Symantec also offers quick support to their customers so clients can have assistance immediately.

  • Quick Delivery and Setup

Symantec also delivers and set up their SSL Certificate packages quite quickly.

Symantec SSL Certificate Disadvantages

  • Expensive

You often get what you pay for. And truly, Symantec offers great service. But they are just too expensive for most people. Many website owners who want to have excellent protection on their website wouldn’t be able to afford their premium packages, particularly the new website owners who are just starting out.

There are also competitive SSL Certificate authorities who offer competitive services without the huge price tag. So Symantec’s pricing can be quite a disadvantage both for them and their customers.

  • Confusing Change of Branding

Not many people may know that Symantec was once VeriSign – and that can be very confusing. Because of the change in brand name, many people who are unfamiliar with VeriSign may think that Symantec is a very different company. This is just a perplexing step in branding.

Many website visitors who are not yet familiar with Symantec may think that the website that they are visiting is not as secured as VeriSign protected websites. This may significantly impact the performance of the website of their clients in a negative way.

  • Confusing Seal Color

Because Symantec has made their new logo or seal color more vibrant, which is bright yellow, it may conflict with a website’s call-to-action buttons. So instead of going for the calls-to-action, the audiences may be swayed to click the Symantec SSL Certificate security seal. This is not good for website owners who are trying to promote their calls-to-action. The Symantec security seal might get in the way of a website’s functions, particularly in calls-to-action.

Also, website visitors might get confused because they might think that the Symantec SSL Certificate security is part of the call-to-action on the website. And once they click it, they will be frustrated to find out that they have clicked a security seal instead of a call-to-action button. This confusion will result to frustration which may prompt the visitors to leave the website and never look back.

So instead of making website viewers feel more secured and relaxed in browsing a website, they might even feel frustrated. The security seal didn’t deliver its purpose of showing the security of the website that visitors are browsing.

After reading this  Symantec SSL certificate review, it’s up to you to decide if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For most people, the answer is no so they just look for other options.


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