SSL Certificate Guide for Newbies

SSL Certificate Guide for Newbies

Despite the fact that the Internet is bombarded with hackers, malwares, viruses and malicious softwares that aim to attack websites, Internet users and applications online, many websites still do not use SSL Certificates. Perhaps this is because not all webmasters and Internet users are aware of the Secure Socket Layer system, which protects websites and Internet users from interception during data transfer, which saves both from data loss and online theft.

If you too are unsure what SSL Certificates are and you often use the Internet to do transactions or share information online, you need to read an SSL Certificate guide for newbies. This will enable you to understand what an SSL Certificate is and what it can do to protect you from malicious attacks online.
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SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is a validation system where a domain of a website is being validated by a Certificate Authority to ensure that the website that an Internet user if visiting is legitimate and protected from malicious attacks. These certificates have different types and each type has a different function.

It is important to know which type you should use for your site or software to get proper protection. Thus, reading an SSL Certificate guide for newbies would be your best move before using a certificate.

  • Self-Signed

One of the five kinds of SSL Certificates is a self-signed certificate. It is a certificate that the domain owner has created and is not issued by a Certificate Authority. Although this kind of certificate is useful in private connections, it is not recommended for public websites as these certificates are not recognized by browsers, which result to warning signs that the certificate is not listed on the trusted certificates that are issued by Certificate Authorities.

  • Domain Validation

When reading SSL Certificate guide for newbies, you will notice that this is the most common kind of certificate that is being discussed. This is because this is commonly used by website owners and software developers in protecting their property online. As the name suggests, the propriety of the domain is being validated to ensure that Internet users are visiting the legitimate site and not a phishing site.

These and the certificates listed below are issued by Certificate Authorities; therefore, they are honored by browsers.

  • Organizational Validation

This kind of certificate offers higher security than domain validation since the organization that has been issued with the certificate has been verified. There is a green padlock on address bars on sites that have this certificate.

  • Extended Validation

When reading SSL Certificate guide for newbies, you will notice that this is deemed as the best kind of certificate to have. This is because it offers the highest security of all certificates. This is the best kind of certificate for ecommerce sites.

  • Wildcard Certificate

This kind of certificate is often used by large organizations since it covers subdomains, which are often needed by large companies. This is a very expensive certificate since it can protect not only the domain itself but subdomains as well.

Knowing the kinds of certificates is important to know which one you should get. So understand this SSL Certificate guide for newbies before you make your purchase.

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