Custom Amazon SSL Certificates

Custom Amazon SSL Certificates and Support for AWS Static and Dynamic Content Delivery

Amazon clients have received great news that Amazon has now enabled custom Amazon SSL Certificates and support for AWS static and dynamic content delivery. This means that Amazon clients can now use their own domain name SSL Certificates on their static and dynamic content sites, which is quite an advantage for these site owners.

Advantages to Amazon Customers

Because of the custom SSL domain names, website owners can now deliver their own content using their own domain names. Also, because of the root domain hosting, website owners that use Amazon CloudFront will be able to configure their domain names with and without the ‘www’ to point it to the same CloudFront distribution.

  • Use of Own Domain Name and SSL Certificate

Website owners who use Amazon CloudFront can now use their own domain name and SSL Certificate (check out cheap SSLs from GoDaddy) to deliver their content over a secured connection, using HTTPS. This enables website owners to promote their site and manage multiple domain names on their site.

Because of this, website owners will have more control and advantage over their websites that contain both dynamic and static content.

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  • Root Domain Hosting

Because of root domain hosting, you can now deliver your content on your website using Amazon CloudFront. This means that you can use root domain to deliver your content, making it possible for you to configure your and domain names point to the same Amazon CloudFront distribution.

This is quite an advantageous feature since it will allow you to let your visitors view your website using the and domain names without having the need to require a redirect service.

  • Lower Pricing

Compared to other service providers, Amazon CloudFront charges lower fees. This is quite beneficial to website owners who want to deliver static and dynamic content without spending a lot of money on services that will enable them to use distribution services.

Because Amazon’s CloudFront distribution is quite functional, which recently added two new features; the custom SSL Certificates and support got AWS static and dynamic content delivery, the service is now more competitive. This resulted in more website owners choosing Amazon over other service providers. Many big businesses are also shifting to Amazon CloudFront because of the competitiveness of the company and the low prices of the services that Amazon offers.

Amazon has now entered the world of content delivery and is now making waves about their functional and advantageous yet affordable services. Because the company offers transparency to the fees that they are charging, many website owners are choosing Amazon over other service providers when it comes to static and dynamic content delivery.

The company was able to deliver the needs of their target market, which makes it possible for them to conquer the competition that they entered. And because of the great services that they offer and continuously develop, they are also able to deliver great quality of service to their clients, which is most important not only to their target market but also to Amazon itself.

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