Use a Code Signing Certificate to Secure Mobile Apps

Use a Code Signing Certificate to Secure Mobile Apps

If you are a mobile app developer and you want to make your customers trust your products, you should use a Code Signing Certificate to secure mobile apps. Code signing is a technology that secures the applications that you have developed and wanted to sell on your website. Through this, you will be able to show to your customers that your mobile apps are legitimate and are secured from any viruses and malwares. This also secures your mobile apps from third party attacks that can tamper your creations.

Because of the protection that Code Signing Certificates provide to your mobile applications, your customers will surely deem your products to be safe and secured. This means that your products will be downloaded by more Internet users than the ones that are not protected with code signing.

Go Daddy Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificates also ensure that the connection for the download of the mobile applications is secured, which makes the receiver of the app safe from any harmful elements that could be brought by third parties. Because of this, mobile app download is safer and easier with the help of these certificates.

  • How Code Signing Works

To further understand Code Signing Certificates, here is a simple explanation on how it works:

When a certificate authority receives a request for a Code Signing Certificate, it will verify and authenticate the identity of the requester or the developer of the mobile app. This is to make sure that the one requesting the certificate is the legitimate developer and owner of the mobile apps that are being sold at a specific website.

After the authentication process, the certificate authority then sends a development ID to the developer of the app, which is used for code signing.

When the developer receives the ID, he will apply it to his app and will send it to the certificate authority that had sent him the ID.

After the authentication process done by the certificate authority, the mobile app is now verified and ready to be downloaded by the customers.

  • Benefits of Using a Code Signing Certificate

Here are some additional benefits that Code Signing Certificates provide.

    • Customers will be able to determine that the mobile app is authenticated and does not contain any harmful codes or elements that could harm their gadget.
    • Websites that contain code signing authenticated mobile apps are more trusted than those with unverified apps. This results in an increase in download and sales.
    • Code Signing Certificates are available on most certificate authorities, making it easy to access and install on mobile apps.
    • Users are more confident about the mobile apps that they are downloading and using from a protected website because of the warning pop-up windows that indicate the legitimacy of the applications. This results in an increase in trust of customers to the protected website and mobile applications.

Because of the numerous advantages that code signing provides, you should make sure that you use a Code Signing Certificate to secure mobile apps and make your website and applications protected and trusted by your customers.

Vijay November 19, 2015 at 9:09 am

Can we use Comodo code signing certificate to sign Android .apk apps?

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