Mobile App SSL Certificates

Mobile App SSL Certificates: What Certificate to Use for Mobile Apps?

If you are using mobile apps to enable your visitors to view your website from a mobile device, you should make sure that you make the connection safe. This is to protect the users from viruses, malware and third party attacks. Protecting your website through SSL Certificates is the best way to make your website secure when browsed by your mobile app.

Mobile App SSL Certificates

Mobile SSL Certificates are SSL Certificates that are suited for websites that are also viewed by users through a mobile app that the website owner has created. But not all certificates can be used properly on mobile apps. Some are not compatible when used on mobile apps so you would want to look for something that is attuned with mobile apps.

So the question that you might ask is, “What certificate to use for mobile apps?” That is an easy question to answer. Since mobile apps are getting popular, there are numerous certificate authorities that are offering SSL Certificates that are compatible with mobile apps. These SSL Certificates are used on websites that are viewed by regular computers and mobile devices as well.

Some of the mobile app SSL Certificates that you can use for your website’s mobile app are:

Self –Signed Mobile App SSL Certificates

Some website owners think that they don’t need to purchase SSL Certificates from certificate authorities because mobile applications that are created by them do not have to verify the certificates. Because they are the ones managing the mobile app, they think that they don’t need an SSL Certificate that is produced by certified certificate authorities. Yes, that is true. You can just create your own self-signed mobile app SSL Certificates and use it to protect your mobile app. But with the kind of trouble that would make, it is makes more sense to just purchase these SSL Certificates from trusted and established certificate authorities.

  • Waste of Time

Creating your own SSL Certificate for your website that uses a mobile app is quite laborious. It would take too much time. If you are someone who is quite busy and cannot afford to waste money on creating things that you can simply buy, it is best to just purchase mobile app SSL Certificates and focus on what you do best.

  • Waste of Money and Resources

Creating your own SSL Certificate is also a waste of money because instead of just buying an SSL Certificate and getting over the issue, you would use your time and resources just to create your self-signed certificate. This makes you not able to make the money that you should be making when you are doing what you do best.

Chances of making mistakes are also high. So, instead of making your website better, you could be risking the performance of your site which will make you lose money.


Mobile App SSL Certificates: What Certificate to Use for Mobile Apps?

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