How to Make Online Internet Shopping Safer With an SSL Cert

How to Make Online Internet Shopping Safer With an SSL Cert

Internet shopping is getting more and more in demand. Because of its convenience, many people opt to shop online than go to malls and stores to get what they need and want. That is why you need to know how to make online Internet shopping safer with an SSL Certificate.

Because people are more knowledgeable when it comes to online shopping and online safety, you need to assure your customers that they are in a safe place where they can pay for the merchandise and do various transactions without worrying about their information being intercepted by malicious entities.

SSL technology is becoming well-known to online shoppers because many online stores are installing them on their sites for security. So if you want to gain your customers’ trust and protect them and your website from any attacks, you should get an SSL Certificate.

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SSL Certificate and Safe Online Shopping

Because of the protection that SSL Certificates provide to ecommerce websites and Internet users, it is only sensible that you learn more about it. This is to make yourself familiar with the SSL ‘handshake’ and the things that it can do for your online store and your profits.

  • How it Works

SSL Certificates protect a website by encrypting the information that is being transmitted from the user to the website and vice versa. Because of this encryption, only the receiving party will be able to decrypt the information. Third parties will not be able to understand or read the information, which makes it impossible for attackers to eavesdrop the information transmission.

  • Encryption Strength

The encryption strength that is provided by an SSL Certificate is often 128-bit to 256-bit, which is industry standard. The potential value for 128-bit encryption strength is 2128 and 2256 for 256-bit key. These values are the bit combination or decoding key that will unlock or decrypt the information that is being transmitted. This makes the information impossible to be intercepted.

  • 256-bit Key SSL Certificates

256-bit key SSL Certificates provide great protection because it has a longer key combination, which makes it hard for third parties to decode the information that is being transmitted to and from your website.

Usernames, passwords, credit card details and other important information is safe when being provided by a user to a 256-bit SSL Certificate-protected website. Thus, your ecommerce site will be much protected when you use this kind of SSL Certificate.

  • SSL Certificate Indicators

When your website is protected with an SSL Certificate, particularly EV SSL Certificate, the address bar will be green and there will be a secure padlock on it. This indicates that your website is protected and your customers will be safe entering their info in that site or page.

This makes your customers know that your website is safe, which will make them more confident in doing transactions inside your website. This makes your traffic, sales and conversion increase significantly.

Not that you know how to make online Internet shopping safer with an SSL Cert, be sure that you get one and protect your website and your visitors.

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