How Can a EV SSL Certificate Reduce the Risk of Phishing Hacker Attacks?

EV ssl certs secure from malwareHow Can a EV SSL Certificate Reduce the Risk of Phishing Hacker Attacks?

‘How can a EV SSL Certificate reduce the risk of phishing hacker attacks?’ That is often the question of website owners and website users alike. Because of the widespread phishing attacks of hackers, many website owners are looking for ways on how to prevent such malicious and invasive attacks. And often, they have found that EV SSL Certificates are the answer.

How Extended Validation SSL Certificates Protect Websites and Users

Extended Validation SSL Certificates not only protect websites from malicious third party attacks but also protect website visitors from phishing attacks. Because EV SSL Certificates authenticate the legitimacy of the business of a website, website visitors are able to determine which websites are legitimate and which ones are just duplicates that try to get important information from them.

  • Stricter Validation Process

Because of the tighter validation process, website visitors can feel rest assured that the websites with EV SSL Certificates are all legitimate. Certificate authorities implement a long and strict validation process, which ensures that the client has a legitimate business that is registered legally. Thus, website visitors will trust EV SSL Certificate-protected websites more.

  • Higher Level of Protection

Extended Validation SSL Certificates also provide a higher level of protection, which makes visitors more confident about the website that they are visiting. Website visitors are positive in doing transaction inside protected websites, which greatly increases the traffic, sales and conversion rate of the businesses with protected sites.

Because of the advanced protection that Extended Validation SSL Certificates provide to websites, certificate-protected websites are able to increase their traffic, sales and revenue. Because of the increased trust that visitors put on protected websites, many websites are using EV SSL Certificates to notify their users about their authenticity and the legitimacy of their website and business.

Things to Watch Out For

It is best that website owners protect their websites with Extended Validation SSL Certificates. This will ensure that their customers will trust and keep on doing transactions with their business. As for Internet users, it is also important that they determine whether the website that they are visiting is protected with EV SSL Certificate to ensure that it is legitimate.

  • Green Address Bar and Secure Padlock

An indicator that a website is protected with an EV SSL Certificate is a green address bar. It also has to have a secure padlock that indicates that the website is protected.

  • Matching Certificate and Domain Name

Web browsers show visitors if a fake website is using an EV SSL Certificate by showing warning messages that the domain name and the certificate do not match. This is very helpful because some phishers try to duplicate legitimate websites and use their certificates.

By knowing how can a EV SSL Certificate reduce the risk of phishing hacker attacks, website owners and website visitors can prevent falling victim to these attackers. Because of the indicators and warning messages that EV SL Certificates and browsers execute, many website users are able to avoid falling prey to third parties that are trying to grab their info for malicious schemes.

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