2048-bit SSL Certificate Encryption Key Length

2048-bit SSL Certificate Encryption Key Length

Because of the security risk posed by hackers, scripts, malwares and viruses, Certificate Authority/Browser Forum has stated that they will require all certificate authorities to issue certificates that have a minimum of 2048-bit SSL Certificate encryption key length. This is to ensure that the security of all end users and all website owners will be increased, which will prevent hacking and interception on data transfer among websites and Internet users.

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Because of this, Google has announced that they will be upgrading all of the SSL Certificates that they will be issuing or using on their products and softwares. The upgrade was announced mid-year and the process was announced on July 30 to have started already.

Google’s aim is to have all the SSL Certificates connected to their programs and everything that they have created to be upgraded into 2048-bit SSL Certificate encryption key length by the end of 2013. This will enable them to be able to comply with Certificate Authority/Browser Forum’s memo in having all SSL Certificates be upgraded for added security.

Improving Online Security

This increase in key encryption strength will definitely benefit end users. Because Internet users will start using and transacting with websites and gadgets that have good key encryption strength, they can be sure that their data will be protected from hackers and scripts that aim to intercept with data transfers.

  • Automatic Upgrading of Browsers

End users will not feel the changes of the increase in security since browsers, like Google Chrome, will automatically be upgraded and will accept the new certificates that were upgraded by certificate authorities.

However, cameras, game consoles and other devices that rely on built-in lists of certificates won’t be automatically upgraded into recognizing 2048-bit SSL Certificate encryption key length; thus, they need more time for calibration. Enterprisers are thinking of upgrading the systems of their softwares and gadgets to have more flexibility in accessing certificates to make it possible for new certificate lists to be acknowledged without much work.

  • Increased Security for Internet Users and Website Owners

Because of the required 2048-bit SSL Certificate encryption key length, Internet users will be able to feel more secured as the key strength of the certificates on websites will be 5 to 30 times stronger than 1024-bit SSL Certificate encryption key length.

Website owners will also be able to feel more secure regarding their website data. However, they need to ensure that their certificates are upgraded before 2016 to ensure that their sites are complying with the new policy regarding SSL Certificate encryption key length.

While it is very beneficial for Internet users and website owners to have the SSL Certificates encryption strength increased to 2048-bit SSL Certificate encryption key length, it will be a lot of work for certificate authorities and browser developers. Software developers and gadget manufacturers will also have to comply with the new minimum key strength policy, which will have them upgrade their systems. Nonetheless, because of the increase in SSL Certificate encryption key length, end users will be more secured and will gain more confidence in doing transactions online.

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