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Understanding the need to buy certificate for website security is based primarily on the need of websites that store delicate information like personal information, credit card numbers, and other similar data using a secured connection.  This type of connection is essential in protecting both website owners and customers against fraud and threats.  This type of security is normally delivered via Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

This complex sounding technology is rather simple and is based on the process of using certificates to authenticate the identity of websites.  It is also an important aspect in encrypting the information of customers that visit the website.  This means that it prevents unscrupulous individuals from eavesdropping on online transactions between the web page and a computer system.  This gives customers the confidence to transact freely.  Here are some questions to ponder as you buy certificate for website security.

  • What are the types of SSL Certificates?

There are currently three types of SSL Certificates that people should be aware of.  The first is the Organizationally Validated (OV), is offered by Certificate Authorities (CA) to ensure the validity of a website through the validation of the legitimacy of the business.  This is an excellent choice for businesses that buy certificate for website security because it asserts the credibility of their online transactions and give customers the peace of mind to provide sensitive information.

Domain Validated (DV) is another type of certificate, which makes use of less rigorous validation techniques.  The CA usually checks if the information being presented by the website matches that in the registration information found in the WHOIS database.  The last type of SSL Certificate is the Extended Validation (EV), which is the newest type to be used.  This conforms to industry-wide certification standards set by leading CA and web browser vendors.

  • Are there benefits to having SSL Certificates?

The primary benefits that SSL Certificates can provide is that it will inspire trust on visitors or customers because it demonstrates just how much value you put on their privacy.  These certificates essentially protects the sensitive personal and financial information of those who visit your website using the latest encryption technologySSL represents the standard for web security and majority of merchant account services will require server certificate.  This means that its absence can make it impossible to accept credit cards on your website.

  • What is Standard and Premium SSL?

Websites that make use of SSL display the address using HTTPS to signify its securityPremium SSL protection on websites will turn the browser bar color to green to inform visitors and customers that the legal and physical existence of the organization has been verified using stringent industry recommendations.  This is because Premium SSL demands extensive screening processes.  Aside from the legitimacy of the company, it also attempts to establish the control of the domain to verify the security of transactions.

  • What is the most frequently recommended SSL Certificates vendor?

There is no doubt that one of the most frequently recommended vendors of SSL Certificates would have to be  This is primarily because their SSL Certificates cover unlimited secure servers.  They can also support 256-bit encryption, which is widely recognized in the computer industry.   Excellent customer support is likewise a huge determining factor because it is available any time of the day, every day of the week.  The best reason to buy certificate for website security from is that they have a comparatively lower price than those offered by other companies.

  • What does code signing certificate mean?

This actually extends the functionality of SSL certificates, because it allows for a way to verify legitimate downloadable website contentActive content is now the trend of the Internet, which means that there is more interaction involved.  Code signing places a digital signature on the software to establish the identity of software authors.  It also helps to validate that the software has not been tampered since it was first distributed.

This serves as an added layer of protection, preventing unwary users from downloading and installing malicious files.  This raises the level of confidence from customers just like they have bought the software from the store.

  • Who will benefit from this type of certificate?

The code signing certificate issued by is designed for online security vigilance.  Since it is directly related to downloadable software, the primary beneficiaries would definitely be the software authors and vendors.  The signed code will prevent unscrupulous individuals form tampering with the software before it reaches the customerContent publishers will also benefit from this technology because they can establish that the content they are providing online are secure and free from malicious contents.

The entire process of code signing becomes extremely important in cases where the specific source of the code is not readily obvious.  Common examples as it relates to websites with active content would be Java applets, Active X controls, and web scripting codes among others.  Many web users have a clear understanding of the risks and will not readily download contents without initially establishing the validity of the content.

  • What are the common misconceptions on SSL Certificates?

One of the most common misconceptions on SSL Certificates that should be cleared up is that its main purpose is to protect transactions between buyers and sellers.  The reality is that its main purpose is to actually establish the identity of the website using trusted third parties who are responsible for issuing the certificate.  This means that you buy certificate for website security in order to present yourself as a legitimate entity to potential visitors and customers.

By establishing that the certificate on your website is issued by a trusted third party, the visitors and customers gain a guarantee that they are on the correct website and have not been redirected to some malicious web page.  This is the type of security mechanism that it delivers to ensure that there is confidence in every transaction that is entered into by the owner of the website and the visitors and customers.

These are important questions to ponder before you buy certificate for website security to ensure that you have a clear understanding of its purpose and usage to maximize its intended benefits.


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